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CAPE YORK Queensland - The tip of Australia
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Age:  About the same as John

Born:  November, Dunedin, New Zealand - a Scorpio

Lived in Tauranga before moving to Brisbane ..

Enjoys travel, but not the ordinary type of travel, likes ‘the road less travelled’  and there are still a lot of lines yet to mark on the map...


Age: About the same as Elizabeth

Born:  January, Dunedin, New Zealand - a Capricorn

Lived in Christchurch before moving to Brisbane .

Enjoys travel too. Has to, or Elizabeth will go without him. Also likes ‘the road less travelled’ and is looking forward to making more lines on the map ...

                                                            and now we are  “Living Our Dream”!

Teefer (aka Rhino Chaser:)

2003 Mitsubishi Canter 4WD - our home away from home.  a fully self contained expedition vehicle - great truck takes us almost anywhere... Especially those ‘roads less travelled’.

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OUR RECENT TRIPSJohn_%26_Elizabeths_Travelog_2010-2015/Entries/2016/1/19_CAPE_YORK_-_Quad_bike_run.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0

Hi everyone... Welcome to our Web Site and Blog. 

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We also have a previous blog which covers our trip through Asia and the start of our USA travels.

The link is: John and Elizabeth’s Travels

Also if you need to contact us in Australia (when we are there of course) our phone numbers are:

J: +61 419 297 446            

E: +61 419 297 470      

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John & Elizabeth

Our latest addition - Yammy the Quad! A 400cc 4X4 Yamaha Kodiak. Great for getting to those out of the way places.

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OUTBACK CHALLENGE - Awesome Aussie 4WD Outback Competition - well worth looking at - John’s going back down again this year as one of the event Marshals/

GOANNATRACKS - Kym and Lyn Bolton - we travel with them - so get a slightly different aspect of our travels:

SANTANA - Gisbert on Santana - we sailed with him to Cartagena: Or email him at Gisbert Kroczek gisbert@purringcatcharters.com